Dear Mike:

I just wanted to thank you for expertly handling all facets of the sale of my 2007 Subaru Outback Station Wagon for a price that significantly exceeded what a new car dealer was offering me on the purchase of a new Subaru. All I had to do was turn over the service records, title and keys. Your company, Autowise Concierge Services handled everything else, I.e., detailing, all advertisements, contacts with interested buyers, negotiations and sale price. Plus your commission was very appropriate.  As you know selling a car privately is often a “hassle”. You and your company handled everything for me and it was painless. Again, “Thank You” and I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone.

Sincerely, Paul Radomski    December 28,2016

As a busy individual, I don’t have a lot of time or expertise to chase around looking at used vehicles. This is why I needed a service to do the research for me when I decided to but a second car. I provided a list of requirements with the price range and they came back with a list of matches. I picked out one and they had it inspected to ensure there were no hidden issues and even took care of the negotiation. Now I am assured that my recently licensed daughter will be driving in a safe vehicle thanks to Autowise.

— Robert Wilke
Systems Administrator
Weyco Group, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know that Gordy and I are extremely happy with our new Lincoln, but more importantly we both want to express just how wonderful it was working with you to purchase it. The work you did to negotiate the price and any addition costs, while finding the best deal, and then getting the lease set up to best meet our needs was better than we had hoped for. Without you, we would not have gotten the color I wanted with all the amenities, and you did that while getting us the best deal. What I’m saving for last though, is we were totally shocked and didn’t expect you to take us to the dealership to pick up the car. That, to us, was above and beyond the call of duty, and was extremely appreciated when all was said and done. Your being there made a bigger difference than you could know, and what we had anticipated. To have someone in our corner, to make sure we left making the right choices with the finance manager, and the support needed to say ‘no’ at the appropriate times, means a lot. When it comes time for buying our next vehicle we will definitely be calling on you again, with no doubt. You will be also mentioned to everyone we speak to when we talk about our new car and how wonderful your services are.

— Lonnie & Gordy

My experience with Mike of Autowise Concierge Services was exceptional. I needed to purchase a truck as I am an arborist, avid hunter, and fisherman. However, when it comes to vehicles, I am not really sure how to go about finding a good one. That’s where Mike came in. He compared notes with what I was looking for, gave me some suggestions based on his knowledge of reliability, accompanied me on several test drives to narrow my selection down, and when I found that right one, he negotiated a killer price on it. I would definitely recommend Autowise Concierge Services to anyone who needs assistance in buying or selling a car or truck!

— Kyle Mallon

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all of your expertise during my recent used car purchase and the sale of my vehicle. I have never purchased a used vehicle so I was not knowledgeable in all of the preliminary research needed. You were particularly helpful in guiding me through all of the steps when considering which vehicles would work best for me. You provided detailed background information that assisted me with the decision-making process every step of the way. Your vast knowledge of all of the makes and models of the vehicles that fit my needs was extremely valuable. Additionally, it was tremendously helpful to have assistance coordinating the test drives, discussions with salespeople, and negotiation of pricing. With my schedule, having this taken care of was a huge benefit.

In addition to my new car purchase, I was really excited to have such a hassle-free experience for the sale of my vehicle. I was surprised at how quickly you were able to sell my vehicle and that you secured the highest price possible. I really wasn’t sure how to proceed with this process at all so I am grateful that you coordinated all of the advertisement, conversations, negotiations, and legalities of this part of the sale. I would never have attempted this on my own—-so I was thankful that you took the lead on this transaction! The outcome was incredible!

The entire process from start to finish was very convenient and positive. I am very satisfied with my new Honda Pilot. I am confident that I have a reliable vehicle that will fit my needs for many years to come—and that I received the best deal possible. I would recommend the services of Mike Ball at Autowise to anyone looking to purchase (or sell) a vehicle. He is knowledgeable in locating the vehicle that is the best fit for any price range. Furthermore, he communicates all of the options for consideration and does so in an efficient, respectful and helpful manner.

Thank you again for your outstanding service!

— Debbie Kuether

Having no experience in buying a used car, I was referred to Michael Ball of Auto Wise. What a wise choice this turned out to be! All it took was one phone call to let Mike know exactly what I was looking for and the price I wanted to pay. From there Mike did all the work-all I had to do was answer the phone and make the final decision. Not only does Mike have the knowledge I did not, he also was thorough, having the car checked out by a mechanic and checking the car facts to make sure I was getting a good car. It was a pleasure working with Mike. He was honest, kind and caring-very easy to work with. He stayed within my price range and found the perfect vehicle. I would highly recommend this service and could not be more pleased.

— Kathy
St. Francis, WI

Mike Ball from Autowise Concierge Services was fantastic! As this was the first time I had ever had to look for another vehicle, I was not sure where to even start. I knew I wanted a small SUV to replace my ’96 Chevy Lumina, but I had no idea what brands/models were the best choices. My main concerns were reliability, gas mileage, and price. Mike Ball helped me every step of the way! He sat down with me and discussed what my options were, and even had some research about small SUV’s ready at our first consultation. At our next meeting, Mike and I narrowed down our options and took some test drives to get a feel for the options we had picked out. After taking a few test drives and evaluating our options, we narrowed it down to 1 option, a Toyota RAV 4. Mike Ball worked hard to find the best RAV 4 in the area that fell within my price range. At our final meeting, Mike arrived with a list of dealerships that were currently offering RAV 4’s with my specifications. When it came time to decide on a purchase, Mike thoroughly checked through the car, looking for signs of any accidents, mechanical problems, interior problems, etc. After we had decided on the SUV for me, Mike sat down and spoke to the salesman with me to make sure that I was getting a fair price on the vehicle. Overall, the process for me was painless! Mike Ball was always prepared with information about the cars we were looking at, and took the matter of negotiating into his own hands. I was very impressed with Mike and have been extremely satisfied with my RAV 4.

— Ethan
Cudahy, WI