About Me

edited-face-shot-2-1024x1024My name is Mike Ball and I’ve been a car nut for as long as I can remember. My first car was a 1970 Plymouth Duster with an automatic on the floor and a slant six engine.

After high school I joined the Army, grew up a bit, and realized my dream to see some of this great world. I then attended school at the University of Wisconsin – Steven Point. While there I decided to become an army officer and successfully completed ROTC.  I also landed a terrific job working with new vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry.

When I first enlisted in the Army, I served in Germany, home of Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes. To say I was in 7th heaven would be an understatement! I absorbed as much as I could about German cars and realized the love for the automobile was just as great in Germany as it was in the U.S. The more I educated myself about cars, the more people would ask me to assist them in their search for a vehicle.

I finally ended up becoming a firefighter for the city of Milwaukee. I had come to realize that I relish serving others – whether it was to my country, my community, or to others in their automotive quests. Service – and serving – is my passion.

All this time I was constantly buying and selling cars and trucks as I often got bored motoring around in something for too long. Friends and relatives were still pleading with me to help them in buying or selling of their cars. I’ve always enjoyed spending the hours doing research for the very best model I could find at the best possible deal or getting a vehicle meticulously detailed and accurately described in my ads so we could get top dollar selling it.

I did this for several years when a friend suggested I do it for a business. It is often said you should love what you do and I wholeheartedly agree with that. There isn’t much greater feeling than seeing someone get their new or new to them vehicle and seeing them smile from ear to ear. When I help sell a vehicle, I get that same feeling when my client receives a big, fat, check after we sell their vehicle. Heck, even just witnessing their reaction upon seeing their freshly detailed vehicle is reward to me!

I hope you will consider enlisting my help in your search for a vehicle, the selling of your vehicle, detailing, accessories, or just to ask “Where can I go to get. . . done?” I want you to know you have a place you can go to help with all of your auto-related questions and or advice.

Happy Motoring!