Finding your perfect new or used car doesn't have to be overwhelming

Autowise concierge car services… serving you, not the dealer

What is Autowise Concierge Services?

 I work for YOU, not the dealer! We are not a dealer but rather your personal concierge for buying, selling, detailing, and even repairing vehicles.

How It Works

Here’s a perfect example of someone we just recently helped. Debbie is a very busy professional and is married with 2 children. However, her husband works a lot of odd hours and has minimal knowledge about cars and so he really wasn’t able to help her.

Well, she had this awful minivan from which she actually received a partial settlement from Chrysler because it had so many problems. Even after the settlement the problems continued. She just wanted to get rid of it and purchase a reliable sport utility with 3 rows of seating. However, she was kind of gun shy because of the experience she had with the minivan. That’s where we came in.

She had worked with my wife and my wife told her about how Autowise helps people with their vehicle needs. She gave me a call, explained her situation and we set up a meeting to discuss her concerns and needs.

I found her a great deal on a Honda Pilot she absolutely loved. Then, I was able to sell her van for $2000.00 more than what the dealership was going to give her in just one day! We listed what was wrong with the van, priced it accordingly, and sold it to a gentleman who was very handy with repairing cars.